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By robertrxwarner, 31.07.2014, 02:24

but the reverse is also believed to be true, said Van Herp. Denying that Ebola exists would mean that it wont be able to affect you. Van Herp and his colleague, Dr. Hilde de Clerck, have been on the front lines of six past Ebola outbreaks, according to Doctors Without Borders. To control the chain of try this out Alex Simring disease transmission it seems we have to earn the trust of nearly every individual in an affected family, said de Clerck, noting that 20 villages in Guinea near the Sierra Leone and Liberian borders still deny access to their medical team. Medical personnel must wear full-body plastic protective gear, which De Clerck said is uncomfortable and difficult to bear in the regions high temperatures. De Clerck said the work also takes an emotional toll, as up to 90 percent of those who contract the virus die a painful and terrifying death.

Health Alert- Running helps lower death risk - KYTX CBS 19 Tyler Longview News Weather Sports

Researchers in Iowa looked at 55,000 adults during a 15 year period. They found runners who ran consistently lowered their risk the most. But people who ran less than an hour, and people who ran fewer miles at a slower pace, still had a 45-percent lower risk of death from heart disease or stroke compared to non-runners. ? (CBS)- Heart patients with dementia are more likely to get pacemakers, than heart patients who do not have cognitive difficulties. That is the surprising finding of a new study out of the University of Pittsburgh. Researchers found those with dementia were 1.6 times more likely to get the implant than those who had no memory problems.

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